brunchwork w/ Jim Cantrell (SpaceX, Vector)

Event has passed (Tue Oct 3, 2017 - Tue Oct 3, 2017)
06:30 PM
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Fill your day with inspiration and intention. Join us for an unforgettable 'midnight' brunch with SpaceX cofounder / Vector CEO Jim Cantrell and Ligandal Cofounder/CEO Andre Watson! Your evening will feature:
* Inspirational fireside chat with Jim and Andre in an intimate setting
* Dynamic Audience Challenge
* Curated connections
* Seasonal, organic, farm-to-table meal 

Jim Cantrell is a well-known entrepreneur and expert in space systems and has 30 years of experience in the aerospace and high technology industries. Jim is currently CEO of Vector Space Systems, a commercial spaceflight startup that wants to shake up to the commercial space market by providing not tens, but hundreds of launches per year.
Jim was part of the SpaceX founding team and served as the company's first Vice President of Business Development. 
Jim founded two other successful aerospace and automotive engineering companies and has held CEO positions in aerospace and biometric software companies. Jim also played key roles in the development of Skybox Imaging (now Terra Bella) and has had developmental roles in numerous venture funded space efforts including Rocket Lab, Planet, Black Sky and Spaceflight.

Andre Watson is the cofounder and CEO of Ligandal, a company that is driving the discovery and delivery of a broad array of personalized gene therapies to cure disease and extend human lives.
While an undergraduate at RPI, Andre created a proof of concept for Ligandal's nanoparticle-based gene delivery platform. Andre splits his attention between financing, business development, IP and designing biomimetic nanoparticle architectures. 
You need to watch this. 

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