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941 The Alameda, Berkeley, CA
+1 510.621.3630
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Our indoor classes are carefully designed to provide you and your puppy/dog with an unsurpassed learning experience...

Learn, play, grow...
• Puppy classes (9 - 18 weeks old)
Five week course:  basic manners, obedience combined with off leash playtime

• Puppy Socials  (9 to 16 weeks old to start)
drop in classes: A venue where puppies can burn off energy and enjoy social interactions with other pups and their people.

• Puppy Intermediate and Advanced levels
continue your puppy’s education with higher level learning.

Educate, inspire, support...
• Dog classes (5 mos and older)
Five week course: Basic obedience,manners, with special attention to the challenges of adolescent and young adult dogs.

• Dog Intermediate levels
continue your dog’s education with higher level learning.