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For more than twenty years, Bill Maher has set the boundaries of where funny, politicaltalk can go on American television. First on “Politically Incorrect” (Comedy Central, ABC,1993-2002), and for the last fourteen years on HBO’s “Real Time,” Maher’s combination of unflinching honesty and big laughs have garnered him 38 Emmy nominations. Maher won his first Emmy in 2014 as executive producer for the HBO series, “VICE.” In October of 2008, this same combination was on display in Maher’s uproarious and unprecedented swipe at organized religion, “Religulous,” directed by Larry Charles (“Borat”). The documentary has gone on tobecome the 8th Highest Grossing Documentary ever.

In addition to his television program – which has featured such visitors as PresidentBarack Obama, Vice President Joseph Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, KerryWashington, Michael Steele, Howard Dean, Michael Moore, Eva Longoria, Drew Barrymore,Rev. Jesse Jackson, Gen. Wesley Clark, Susan Sarandon, Kevin Costner, Gary Hart and PatBuchanan.– Maher has written five bestsellers: “True Story,” “Does Anybody Have a Problem with That? Politically Incorrect’s Greatest Hits,” “When You Ride Alone, You Ride with BinLaden,” “New Rules: Polite Musings from a Timid Observer,” and most recently, “The NewNew Rules: A Funny Look at How Everybody But Me Has Their Head Up Their Ass.”

Maher started his career as a stand-up comedian in 1979, and still performs at least fifty dates a year in Las Vegas and in sold out theaters all across the country. Four of his ten stand-up specials for HBO – 2014’s “Bill Maher: Live from DC,” 2007’s “The Decider,” 2005’s “I’m Swiss,” as well as the hilarious, “Bill Maher … But I’m Not Wrong,” – have been nominated forEmmy awards. Maher was born in New York City, raised in River Vale, N.J. and went to Cornell University. He now resides in Los Angeles.


As Mark Twain said, "If you want to tell people the truth, you'd better make them laugh when you do it, or else they'll kill you."

Bill Maher likes to start it up by critiquing people's relationship with their Invisible Pal. He correctly and courageously pins a lot of America's backwardness on those millions who would prefer to contemplate a perfect non-existent world to a real world that needs plenty of fixing. Maher was host of TV's Pollitically Incorrect until it was Shanghaied, likely because he did the non-cognitive-dissonant thing and said the 9/11 terrorists were brave men (which they were, in addition to being sociopathic religious fanatics). At times, Maher is the measured, gentlemanly "but seriously folks" sideman to Jon Stewart's rebelliousness: capable of taking a blimp-launching nutter like Ron Paul and polishing him up to the point where Ron feels like officially linking to the I-view. But that's the point: every night, and every time Maher opens his mouth, he makes someone mad.


William "Bill" Maher, Jr., is an American comedian, actor, writer, and producer. He is most well-known for his television show Politically Incorrect and is currently the host of the HBO talk show Real Time with Bill Maher. He is known for his liberal and, to a lesser extent, libertarian view on issues such as drug legalization, while he personally identifies primarily with the liberal worldview. Of course, many Left-wing and Right-wing commentators have seen his views on specific issues as representative of their ideological opposites, depending on the political zeitgeist of the times.


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