Best of Fringe Double Feature - Mingalaba & Altars for my Alters

Event has passed (Wed Oct 17, 2018 - Wed Oct 17, 2018)
The Monkey House
Comedy, Theater / Performance Arts


Join us for a great East Bay evening, featuring two exciting shows! Both have just won Best of San Francisco Fringe and Sold Out awards as part of this year's SF Fringe Festival.

=== Mingalaba by James Sundquist ===

James Sundquist continues his explorations into madness and life as a living cartoon. This show hopes to surprise you, all while holding your rapt attention. Join us to see something risky and new!

"If you’re looking for a storyteller delivering a somber poignant monologue, look elsewhere."
" was like watching somebody drag the half rotten corpse of Andy Kaufman on stage and slowly **** it while whispering pilaf recipes. Mind blowing."

Warning: Mature Content.
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== Altars For My Alters by Potatoes Mashed Comedy ==

Edna Mira Raia leads you deep into her bottomless hole of personas, through a proficiency in neo-classic clowning and a dreamy cartoon style that is uniquely hers. From Regina, the Jewish widow to Brian, the vagrant with DID, these characters tell believably intimate stories, hiding their pain behind a pitiful facade while relating to us through comedy. Edna is the Anna Deveare Smith of clowns. Her characters swirl in harmonious confusion as she (a self-declared “anthro-apologist”) makes you love them–maybe even envy them--in spite of their inherent–and oft regrettable–human flaws. Even when these personalities are unrefined like a Diane Arbus photograph, Edna nudges you towards empathy for the ‘tragic clown’ in everyone. Don’t miss her. Don’t miss any of the ‘hers.’
"Masterful, fearless, so funny!"

Warning: Not for Children. Mature Content. Nudity
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  1. The Monkey House 1638 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA