Artificial Intelligence and Ethics: Mikey Siegel in Conversation with Alexander Reben

Event has passed (Tue Jun 20, 2017 - Tue Jun 20, 2017)
California Institute of Integral Studies - CIIS
07:00 PM
Community, Literary
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Most experts agree that artificial intelligence will have a lasting influence on our world. Even with this knowledge, the ethical implications of this dynamic technological innovation are often overlooked. As AI becomes more prevalent, we are presented with a new series of ethical questions: How do we define the humane treatment of machines? How might human biases manifest in machines? How do intelligent machines affect human behavior, interactions, and values?
Join Mikey Siegel and Alexander Reben in conversation to explore new developments in artificial intelligence and our ethical relationship to technological innovation.
Mikey Siegel is a robotics engineer turned consciousness hacker. He envisions a present and future where science and technology support psychological, emotional and spiritual flourishing.  Where our devices not only connect us to information, but also connect us to ourselves and each other, acting as a catalyst for individual and collective awakening. He is currently teaching at Stanford University, founder of Consciousness Hacking, BioFluent Technologies, and the Transformative Technology Conference. He received an MS in robotics from the MIT Media Lab.
Alexander Reben is an artist and roboticist who explores humanity through the lens of art and technology. His work deals with human-machine relationships, synthetic psychology, artificial philosophy, and robot ethics among other topics. Using art as experiment, his work allows for the viewer to experience the future within metaphorical contexts. His artwork and research has been shown and published internationally and he consults with major companies guiding innovation for the social machine future. Reben is a graduate of the MIT Media Lab where he studied human-robot symbiosis and is a 2016-2017 WIRED innovation fellow and a visiting scholar in the UC Berkeley psychology department.


  1. California Institute of Integral Studies - CIIS 1453 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA