Artificial Creativity - what's next in AI

Event has passed (Tue Oct 30, 2018 - Tue Oct 30, 2018)
The San Francisco
07:00 PM
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We know artificial intelligence is poised to take away monotonous, predictable tasks. But what about the creative, inventive work we cherish? Algorithms are able to write jokes, compose music, design fashions, optimize structures, and even tell stories on par with humans in many fields – and are outlearning us at a rapid rate. What will happen in art and architecture, engineering and entertainment, as artificial creativity competes with us, complements us, and surpasses us? You will learn a framework for understanding how machines are becoming increasingly creative and how they will continue to do so. You will get hands-on experience interacting with machine tools for making jokes, music, art, engineering, generative design, and more.
Innovationlab's Mark Bünger brings together his background covering artificial intelligence and work with clients in artistic, engineering, and innovative industries. He curates and co-develops AI-based systems for creating humor, visual and musical arts, and human-machine co-innovation.


  1. The San Francisco 926 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA