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The Ashby Stage
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Shotgun Players presents Arcadia
written by Tom Stoppard, directed by Patrick Dooley

“Arcadia highlights the ephemeral nature of love and life. Objects are constant, but people are inconstant—or at least inconsistent. So we kind of screw up the formula for the universe.” - Patrick Dooley, Arcadia director & Shotgun Players Founding Artistic Director

On a country estate in Derbyshire, Arcadia moves fluidly between events in 1809 and the late 20th century inhabitants who are eager to discover what really happened in the past. We begin in 1809 where we will meet Thomasina, a teenager and mathematical prodigy who works with her tutor Septimus. Yet we learn there are many secrets within the family on the estate. When the story moves to the 1990s, a group of scholars visit to unearth the past. Was Lord Byron actually a guest? Why is there a hermitage on the estate? Scenes move fluidly between past and present, with an increasing reminder to cherish our time together. It’s Stoppard at his best.

Author Brad Leithauser described the brilliance of Arcadia in an article for the New Yorker in 2013: “One sign of Arcadia’s greatness is how assuredly it blends its disparate chemicals, creating a compound of most peculiar properties. The play’s ingredients include sexual jealousy and poetasters and the gothic school of landscape gardening and dueling and chaos theory and botany and the perennial war between Classical and Romantic aesthetics and the maturing of mathematical prodigies. I’ve been emphasizing the play’s lightness and humor; it contains an extraordinarily rich concentration of wordplay and loopy misunderstandings while trafficking in those staples of farce, silly costumes, and mistaken identities.”

The cast of Arcadia features Gabriel Christian, Justin DuPuis, Jessma Evans, Max Forman-Mullin, Dean Koya, Aaron Murphy, Adam Niemann, Danielle O'Hare, Amanda Ramos, Gianna DiGregorio Rivera, and David Sinaiko. The creative team features set design by Deanna Zibello, lighting design by Sarina Renteria, costume design by Brooke Jennings, costume design assistance by Kathleen Qiu, choreography by Allison Paraiso, assistant direction by Perry Fenton, stage management by Heather Kelly-Laws, props design by Devon LaBelle, sound design by Cliff Caruthers, dialect coaching by Lynne Soffer, and production assistance by Liz Johnson.



  1. The Ashby Stage 1901 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley, CA