Animal Film Festival at SF SPCA

Event has passed (Sat Aug 19, 2017 - Sat Aug 19, 2017)
San Francisco SPCA - Mission
12 noon - 4 pm
$10 - $25
Activism / Cause, Film / Television


The 4th annual Animal Film Festival (AFF) is coming to San Francisco to screen top Audience Choice films from all four years of the AFF held annually in Grass Valley, CA. AFF San Francisco will take place at the SF SPCA, at their Mission Campus at 250 Florida St., Geraldi Bldg., August 19 from noon - 4pm.

This event is presented by the Center for Animal Protection & Education (CAPE) and the San Francisco SPCA. Proceeds benefit both organizations.


Session 1: Noon - 1:00pm

LOVE UNLEASHED 13:49 (2017)

Love Unleashed is a short documentary that explores the deep emotional bond between humans and their beloved senior dogs. Through a series of honest and poignant interviews we get a glimpse into the unique and powerful relationships that people share with their treasured companions as they reflect on what it means to love unconditionally. Kacey Klonsky, USA, 13:49 SHORT

WE ARE RHINO 21:00 (2014)

Two rhinos are brutally butchered every day in South Africa -simply to supply Asian demand for illegal horn products. This demand is booming beyond control. For those who love the rhino, extinction is not an option. But what is the right option? Three VERY different people. Three VERY different ideas. One BIG question. Spencer Austin, USA, SHORT

THE ETHICS OF DIET 2:00 (2016)

An animated short that examines the pros and cons of our dietary choices. Ethan Elliott-Williams, 2:02 USA, ANIMATED SHORT

RED 1:40 (2015)

This short film is about a little boy who loses his fish and how an old man comes to the rescue in a dramatic way. Hossein Keshavarzi, 1:40, January 2013 Iran, Islamic Republic of, SHORT

DAVID & GOLIATH 11:46 (2016)

Based on a true story, David, a Jewish man fleeing for his life from Nazi soldiers, finds refuge in a dog house where he befriends a German Shepherd who becomes his savior. George Zaverdas, USA

Intermission 1:00 - 1:15

Session 2: 1:15 - 2:25

SIT, STAY RIDE 30:00 (2015)

Across America, there are dogs of all breeds riding in the open air of motorcycle sidecars, whether on short trips around town or extended adventures on the highway. Sit Stay Ride: the Story of America's Sidecar Dogs is a delightful and inspiring documentary film about motorcyclists and their beloved canine co-pilots. Eric Ristau, 30:00 USA, SHORT

WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON ($3000 Tarshis Award Winner, 2017) 1:00

A young girl discovers feelings of compassion through her relationship with a pig. Jonathan Rosenberry, USA, SHORT

THE ORANGE GUNNY 4:46 (2015)

A day in the life of a little boy who collects garbage and his relationship with a cat. It's about sharing, humanity and poverty. Mehrdad Zahraei, 4:46 Iran, Islamic Republic of, SHORT

DOGS OF THE 9TH WARD 31:16 (2017)

Dogs of the 9th Ward sheds light upon the huge stray dog population in sections of New Orleans. Through observational footage and interviews, the film focuses on the fate of a few select dogs as it follows 9th Ward residents and dog rescuers working to better the condition of their community by rehabilitating these once discarded street dogs. Aimee Bosschart, Silvia Turchin, USA 31:16 SHORT

Session 3: 2:40 - 4:00

CALLED TO RESCUE 1:14:00 (2017)

Called to Rescue offers a beautiful and inspiring glimpse into the ubridled compassion on fifteen farm animal sanctuaries throughout the US. The rescued farm animals, simply by being who they are, are changing lives, lifestyles, and beliefs on both sides of the fence. The humans, many of whom dramatically altered the course of their lives because of a connection with a farm animal, are dedicated beyond words. Naomi Call and Loghan Call, USA 1 hr., 14 minutes FEATURE


  1. San Francisco SPCA - Mission 250 Florida Street, San Francisco, CA