Acupuncture, Youfeng Yvonne Chen, LAc

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Acupuncture Herbology Nutrition Women’s Healthcare Body and Facial Rejuvenation Provided by Youfeng Chen

Acute or chronic pain arthritis work related and sports injuries back knee shoulder pain scoliosis
Asthma allergies bronchitis sinus infection
Headache migraine sciatica Bell’s palsy post-stroke paralysis
Menstrual disease PMS menopause syndrome
Irritable bowel syndrome ulcer digestive dysfunction
Fatigue hypertension diabetes
Eczema herpes hives rashes
Insomnia stress anxiety depression immune deficiency
Addiction Substance abuse of tobacco alcohol prescription drugs and food

Medical Diploma from Luwan District Medical College of Shanghai.
Advanced study and training at Ruijin Hospital of the Second Medical University of Shanghai.
Acupuncture training at Shuguang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine University of Shanghai.
Certification by the Traditional Chinese Medicine University of Shanghai
Master of Science degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine