ACE Summer Camp

Tue Jul 16 (full schedule below)
Peralta Hacienda Historical Park
July 1-August 2, Monday-Friday, 10AM-3PM
Community, Family & Children


July 1-August 2, Monday-Friday, 10AM-3PM

Join us for 5 weeks of hands-on activities, outdoor play, and nature exploration at ACE Summer Camp! ACE's Nature Connection programs engage youth through fun and interactive learning, physical sports, and art making to teach them the importance of nature, culture, and Bay Area history. ACE Summer Camp is FREE for youth ages 5-15.

ACE Summer Camp staff and educators engage campers brains, encourage physical fitness, and eco-responsibility through: 1) Nature & Science Activities, 2) Outdoor Games & Physical Play, 3) Arts & Music Making, 4) Environmental Stewardship & Gardening, and 5) Storytelling and Connecting to Personal Experience. Our goal is to get youth excited about learning and helping them build positive relationships with each other and their community.


Peralta Hacienda Historical Park
2465 34th Avenue
Oakland, CA
Tue Jul 16 (July 1-August 2, Monday-Friday, 10AM-3PM)
Wed Jul 17 (July 1-August 2, Monday-Friday, 10AM-3PM)
Thu Jul 18 (July 1-August 2, Monday-Friday, 10AM-3PM)
Fri Jul 19 (July 1-August 2, Monday-Friday, 10AM-3PM)
Sat Jul 20 (July 1-August 2, Monday-Friday, 10AM-3PM)


  1. Peralta Hacienda Historical Park 2465 34th Avenue, Oakland, CA