Above Ground, a festival of new theater

Thu Jun 27 (full schedule below)
Mojo Theatre San Francisco
8:00pm - 10:00pm
$15 - $30
Dance (performance), Theater / Performance Arts


Footloose Presents Above Ground, a festival of new theater, June 6-29, 2019, at Mojo Theatre located at 2940 16th Street between Mission and So Van Ness in San Francisco close to Mission/16th Street BART.

All shows at 8:00 PM. Advance tickets recommended as these shows sell out. Ticket sales benefit the artists. Each night is a different lineup.

Underground theater in San Francisco is not dead yet. Above Ground is a festival of brand new original performance art by visionary artists who are shaking up the theater world. Each night is a different lineup featuring recognized, awarding winning playwrights Ron Campbell, Bob Ernst and David Draffin sharing the bill with up-and-comers Natasha Kaluza, Fenner, Janet Collard, Daniel Larlham and Lauren Godla/Kristen Rulifson. This is where the future of plays, storytelling, standup, puppetry, poetry, physical comedy and live music is headed! See the full schedule at https://www.ftloose.com.

The plays and playwrights are:
Shock Shock Shakeup
June 6, 14, 15
Written/Directed/Performed by Big Drama No Drama
Liz DeRoche and Daniel Larlham with Madeline HD Brown
Actor-musicians rock out with spoken word, movement and satirically operatic songs.

June Bug Rolls Toward the Sun Like a Scarab
June 7, 8, 22
Written/Choreographed/Performed by Liz Duran Boubion, Directed by Kimberly Lester
Magical realism in multi-media dance theater.

49/51 Balancing the Comedy and Tragedy of Life
June 8, 23, 27
Written/Performed by Natasha Kaluza, Directed by Beth Clarke
Personal exposé of a clown caught between her born-again father and new age mother.

Performing Valeska
June 13, 14
Written/Performed by Janet Collard and co-directed with Dan Saski, Music by Terran Olson, Costumes by Keriann Egeland
Documentary style dance theater with live music about the wild eccentrics of 1920's Berlin.

Villains & Fools
June 13, 15, 16, 20
Written/Performed by David Draffin, Directed by Kimberly Lester
Desperate and hilarious science fiction theater.

How to Fail: Being Dumb for Dummies in One Uneasy Lesson
Sundays, June 16 and 23
Written/Performed by Ron Campbell
Part stand up, part poetry reading, part Ted Talk, all failure.

The Buck and Bill Show
June 20, 21, 28, 29
Written/directed by Bob Ernst, Music by Mark Malmberg performed with the ensemble: Bob Ernst, Rachel Richman, Geneva Colcol, Brittany Gilmore and Ron Davis
Episodic dramatic play with live music and songs.

Curvy and Curly
June 21, 22
Written/Performed by FloorPlay Dance Theater
Lauren Godla and Kristen Rulifson
Absurdist and athletic physical comedy.

The Boy who Cried 'Naked'
June 22, 27, 28, 29
Written/Performed by Fenner with Katarina Countiss, James Green, Kaya Mey, Michelle Owen and Annikah Woodward; Director Sabrina Wenske; Dramaturg Emily Haydock
Clowning, music and puppet theater with storytelling.

We chose risk takers who desire to expand their potential with new formats and genres. Some are challenging themselves by combining theatrical and musical elements with their choreographic impulses. We want to bring a resurgence of creative energy right where the arts are losing ground--the Mission. Artists and art groups are being forced to move farther away from their audiences or move away completely. Those left in the Bay Area are holding against the tide of extreme real estate pressures.

Mojo Theatre is a 49-seat black box at 2940 16th Street in the Mission district's historic Redstone Labor Temple Building. It is located in ground zero of the biggest gentrification story in San Francisco's history. The future of the Redstone is hanging in the balance. Support the arts!

Image Credit: Natasha Kaluza photo by Wes Terray


Mojo Theatre San Francisco
2940 16th Street
San Francisco, CA
Thu Jun 27 (8:00pm - 10:00pm)
Fri Jun 28 (8:00pm - 10:00pm)
Sat Jun 29 (8:00pm - 10:00pm)

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