360 Copywriting with Corey Rosenberg

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Class: 360 Copywriting

Best Practices for Writing Across the Digital Ecosystem
Once upon a time, all copywriters wrote for print, TV and/or radio. Or, as we now call it—traditional. With the launch of digital, the game changed, has continued to change and will continue to keep changing even faster. Since our role has transformed so much, we try to differentiate our brand from the rest so we can get the types of jobs were a better match for. Today, some copywriters are long-form writers, some specialize in social media, some only write blog posts. In order to swim in today’s job market, it pays to know how to write to and for all of the above. Differentiate your brand by specializing in all forms. Not only does it make you more valuable to your team, it also opens you up to even more job opportunities.

This 6-week course is an opportunity to learn best practices for every type of business deliverable. You’ll walk away having a better understanding of the digital eco-system and how to write across it in a consistent voice and tone. They play a huge role in a brand’s overall user experience so understanding how to execute a singular voice across all assets is equally as important as knowing how to write for them. We’ll be tackling all of this together. It will be hard work but it will be a lot of fun.

Class Outline

Week #1: Introduction
Week #2: Website/Landing Pages
Week #3: Email + Personalized Email Campaigns
Week #4: UI
Week #5: Social Media
Week #6: Video

Class details

Where: Yelp Headquarters San Francisco
When: 6pm to 8pm starting January 17th
Day: Wednesdays
Sessions: 6 sessions
Class Spots: 20 Spots / 20 open

Corey Rosenberg
Corey Rosenberg, Associate Creative Director at Yelp, is an influential advertising copywriter with 14+years of experience writing for big ad agencies, even bigger tech companies and selling brands of all shapes and sizes.

Corey began his career in NYC in 2004 after graduating form School of Visual Arts in NYC, but has also worked in LA and now SF. An authority on copywriting, marketing and branding, Corey only works for the best companies in the world. To date, Corey has had the pleasure of working in-house at BBDO, Avrett Free & Ginsberg, Google, Linkedin, Saatchi & Saatchi, Wunderman and now Yelp—gaining invaluable first-hand experience which he will now be sharing with you to help you take your copywriting game to the next level.

Corey’s Portfolio and Writing    

Corey’s Work and Teaching
Not only is Corey an immensely talented writer and creative thinker, he’s a born leader. Corey is a mentor to junior talent and is always available to discuss how to develop your own personal brand and grow as a writer/designer/human being. I’ve learned a lot from just watching him churn out amazing work (within seconds) and I admire everything he’s done to get where he is. To sum it up, Corey is brilliant, eager, dedicated and humble—a rare find in this industry.
-Katie Trentholm, Sr. Copywriter at Saatchi & Saatchi

Corey is a rare breed of creative that no only exhibits great passion for the work, but also goes to great lengths to inspire, educate and elevate creatives around him. As a copy writer he is focused, dedicated and a joy to collaborate with. As a teacher he is knowledgable, caring and patient. Both students and co-workers look to Corey as an experienced leader who they can count on for direction, top-notch creative and a few jokes to help break the daily stress.
I would recommend Corey without qualification. Any agency will be lucky to have him on board, and any student will be in good hands with him as their teacher. I hope to cross paths with him again in the future.
-George Ernst III, CD at Critical Mass

I still remember Corey’s First Class- He brought a stack of his favorite Absolut Vodka ads and every time he showcased one; his face lit up with passion and zeal. It was with the same verve that he taught every class. His assignments for class were great and relevant to what we needed in our portfolios. He also used to bring fellow professionals from the industry to weigh in at classes. His mentorship didn’t stop there, even after teaching he would follow up and go out of his way to help us. Ideas first, self last, a gem of a person and teacher.
-Alok Mahadevia, Copywriter at Saatchi & Saatchi

Teachers teach, but the great ones inspire and motivate. They show you how to think for yourself, justify everything you do, and drive you to become as master in your craft.These are all the things that Corey Rosenberg does as a copywriting Professor at Miami Ad School. As a first semester student, Corey’s class was my first glimpse into what it means to be a creative copywriter. From the first day to the last, Corey pushed us to be the most eloquent, concise, grammatically correct writers we could be. His love of words and punctuation marks — especially the Em dash — created a much deserved air of respect for writing as a science and an art form. He never gave up on us and was always willing to lend a hand when we needed the additional help. I am so thankful and lucky I was able to have him as a teacher and a role-model. My only fear is that other teachers will not meet the high expectations Corey created.
-Brendan Irving, Copywriter at AKQA

Every once and a while the world presents you with a rare gift. Corey is one of those gifts. I had the incredible pleasure of having him as a teacher at Miami Ad School. His honesty and wisdom are only surpassed by his compassion and care. Now -thanks in no small part to Corey- I have the awesome opportunity to work with him. I guess that’s what they mean when they say the gift the keeps on giving.
If you are fortunate enough to cross paths with Corey, consider it a gift!
-Jeremy Arkin, Sr. Copywriter at Accenture Interactive

Corey was a great teacher and leader. But more importantly, he was able to inspire his students. He got us excited about writing, thinking, and creating. Corey made room for people to be themselves and make what they cared about. He helped translate our eclectic interests and idiosyncrasies into relevant tools for advertising. He helped build confidence so we were brave enough to experiment and push the boundaries of what other students felt comfortable doing. Corey guided our ideas and elevated them. His classes were one of the most helpful parts of Miami Ad School. Thanks Corey!
-Chris Penman, MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER


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