Face Coverings Are Now Required Outdoors in San Francisco

Today the mayor of San Francisco announced that face coverings are required even if you are walking in your neighborhood, it is now advised that you should put on your face covering if you see someone within 30 feet of you (about the length of a MUNI bus).

“Although we have made progress… any wrong move, even moving too fast to reopen our city could put us in a situation far worse than what we’ve seen in other places like Italy and even New York City… Starting tomorrow, we will be requiring face coverings when you’re out of your home and around people outside of your household, both indoors and outdoors.” – Mayor London Breed

Face covering required when:

Waiting in line to go inside a store
Shopping at a store
On public transportation (or waiting for it)
In a taxi or rideshare vehicle
Seeking healthcare
Going into facilities allowed to stay open, like government buildings
Working a job that interacts with the public
Walking outside and you see someone within 30 feet (about the length of a MUNI bus)

Not required when:

At home (if you are not around someone at higher risk from COVID-19)
In your car alone or if you’re only with members of your household
Sitting or standing with people you live with (such as picnicking outside) and you are more than 6 feet from other groups
Exercising outdoors alone or with people who live with you (walking, hiking, bicycling, or running)

Read more here: https://sf.gov/information/masks-and-face-coverings-coronavirus-outbreak