Zeppelin II Brings the Led and the Lore

It’s been over fifty years since Led Zeppelin formed and amazingly, we’re still talking about them. They were a collection of musical geniuses that people all over the world fell in love with. An increasingly few actually had the chance to see Led Zeppelin back in their day. In my mind’s eye, there must have been nothing like watching a shirtless Robert Plant command the stage; piercing vocals, hair flowing, and young girls crying. All the while Jimmy Page would kiss every song with legendary guitar solos, John Bonham and John Paul Jones would play off each other’s rhythms and basslines in ways the world had never seen.

What a time to be alive; not that I was. For those of us who were too young to see such a show–or for the folks who want to relive a touch of the magic–there are plenty of cover bands for that fun live experience. Of course, some are better than others.

So, with that said, may we introduce: Led Zeppelin II. Based in Chicago, Led Zeppelin II is a Zeppelin cover band that recreates the “Led magic” like few cover bands can. The band has been playing for over ten years and have sold out major venues across the States. These boys sure can jam and they’re not afraid to do shirtless stage struts, whip their curls, and belt a tune.

The Chicago Sun-Times said of the band, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and in the case of Led Zeppelin 2, it’s one of the best.”

Do they recreate some of the lore?


Now, don’t get me wrong. We all know that there will never be another Led Zeppelin: no one can sing like Robert Plant; no one can kill it like Page, Bonham and Jones. But Zeppelin II is a solid replica.

For their 2020 North American tour, the band is playing August Hall on February 15th, where they’ll be honoring the band’s 50th anniversary while playing the Zeppelin III album in its entirety.

Written by Michelle Kicherer

Michelle Kicherer is a fiction writer and music journalist living in Oakland, CA. She writes for several Bay Area and national outlets. She enjoys long walks and her second novel is in the works. IG: @michellekicherer