Photos: The 20th Annual Edwardian Ball

Images from Saturday January 25th at The Regency Ballroom. Photos by Jon Bauer


  1. Look at me, look at me!! Problem is, when everyone is thinking that, no one is looking at anybody…

    They call it a Ball? Should have been called “captive audience endurance test of nonstop pretentious performances, that were nothing more than a big ego trip for the performers, (who will never play to such a large audience again without similar false advertising.)…with some brief dj music in between acts, and one temporary live band…

    In 2002, for the same price, at the same venue, Sea of Dreams New Years featured dancing to the Brian Setzer Orchestra among others, 4 floors of music and all night dancing….and it wasn’t even a “Ball”….

    Should I mention the $15.00 5 ounce wine cups? This whole thing was a money grab…they clearly reduced the budget to the absolute minimum, then advertised it as a Ball ….without mentioning there would be minimal live music and almost no ballroom dance music, live or dj (or was it limited to the very beginning when most were still waiting in line? )


  2. Excellent photos Jon! You truly captured the essence of The Edwardian Ball! You got THE MONEY Fou Fou Ha! shot!


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