San Francisco Radio Station KFOG Signs Off the Airwaves Today

The San Francisco radio station KFOG will broadcast its final day of music and shows today, Thursday September 5th. The traditional radio station was known for easy listening when it began in 1960 but has gone through many format changes over the years, most recently to alternative in 2018. After today the only remaining alternative radio station broadcasting in the Bay will be ALT 105. There will be special programming today for Fogheads so tune into 104.5 or stream it here.

6-8AM 10 at 10/Live From the Archives.
8AM Dave Morey Signoff from 2008.
9 – 5PM 10 at 10/Live From The Archives
5PM M Dung Idiot Show
6 – 11PM 10 at 10/Live From The Archives
11PM – KFOG’s 1982 sign on with Dave Morey/Final 10 at 10/Grateful Dead Set

Under current program director Jacent Jackson, KFOG’s roster of DJs includes Woody Fife, Dayna Keyes and Mike “No Name” Nelson. Rosalie Howarth, the last of KFOG’s classic DJ lineup, departed in March 2018 after 34 years when the station declined to renew her contract. Most of her fellow DJs were let go in a March 2016 purge that came to be known as “The March Massacre.” –


  1. Complete disaster. Major bummer. Well, thank God for XM.


  2. Disaster! We have been listening ever since one of kids was at school in San Rafael in 2005. We listened on our Sonos system via in Melbourne. We tried to tune in this morning and couldn’t understand why it wasn’t working. Now we know why. What a shame.


  3. When I started listening to noted station it was classical~then heaven opened & Rock N Roll covered me with LOVE! Courtesy of Dave & Scoop & all the other beautiful, knowledgeable DJs I have appreciated over these past million years. One question for the people making the decision on what I put in my ears: WHY?


  4. so very heartbroken


  5. Ronald Regan really???????


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