Five Years of Lips & Rhythm Records

Lips & Rhythm is a San Francisco-based record label and weekly radio program that highlights eclectic dance music. On Sunday, May 19th, 12 noon – 6pm, their crew invites everyone who loves electronic music to celebrate the Lips & Rhythm Records Five Year Anniversary with them. Like a party with friends, it’s BYOB, it’s free, although they do ask for a donation to help cover some of the costs ($5 – $10), and the music will be grooving.

The Lineup

* Italian collaborator Brine returns to SF
* Brother in the funk, Izzy Wise joins in with sounds that make you move
* Producer Anderson Chase is back with post-modern DJ Arnie White
* Seb Hall and MoodHay play live
* Lips & Rhythm founders Birds Of Rhythm drop beats
* Parisian/Brooklynite Yasin closes out the afternoon w/ a far-out journey in sound

Lips & Rhythm Records Anniversary Party
Sunday, May 19th, 12noon – 6pm
at Heron Arts, 7 Heron Street, in SoMa