Bernal Heights artist Amos Goldbaum has brought the spirit of San Francisco to life in his latest mural—located in Japan. The painting was created for Wise Sons, a popular Jewish delicatessen founded in San Francisco’s Mission District, which opened its first location abroad in Marunouchi, a district of the Japanese capital near the Tokyo Station, just last month.

To celebrate the international expansion, owners of the deli commissioned Amos to create a mural on the wall inside the deli building that depicts the San Francisco cityscape. Custom elements within the mural’s landscape include replacing Twin Peaks with a colossal Mt. Fuji. So, if you ever find yourself in this part of Japan, be sure to stop in, take a look, and be on the lookout for the bagel-eating kaiju monster tucked within the details of this mural.



Attempted time-lapse

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