Best of 2017 in Photos: Most Inspiring and Memorable Moments of the Year

Love it or hate it, 2017 was a year full of iconic moments. Our photographers captured many of these SF Bay Area events on the ground, as they happened. From the unprecedented world-wide Women’s March to the intimate local live music show right here in San Francisco, see the event photos that made our list of the Best of 2017.

Photos by Gabriella Gamboa

“I’m so drawn to people’s spark. The different ways they express resilience and their strength. 2017 was generally quite terrifying to me, but looking back at these images gives me hope in our ability to keep going with a head held high :).” – Photographer Gabriella Gamboa

Audio on the Bay – Photo by Chelsea Young

Photos by Abe Coloma

“I faced many challenges and adversities in 2017. Despite it all, I want to thank SFStation for giving me an outlet to do what I love and experience the music up close and personal. Attending shows is therapeutic. It’s a place where you can forget about all of your problems for a little while. Here’s hoping 2018 will be a year to remember.” – Photographer Abe Coloma



“The Brides of March event is such a San Francisco thing. Fun and campy. It’s great to see the creative spin some of the brides take each year.” – Photographer Cheryl Guerrero


“I love the character and attitude of the Mission. The classic cars at the lowrider tribute to Selena this year were definitely the focus, but I thought this shot reflected the feel of the day- the style and attitude. And I loved that it was three women.” – Photographer Cheryl Guerrero


“This was a great moment that had real emotion behind it. The Kool & the Gang singer came off stage at Stern Grove to sing to this woman. Turns out she had lost her husband and she was both laughing and crying as she clung to him. He stayed with her like that for a couple of songs.” – Photographer Cheryl Guerrero


Photos by Cheryl Guerrero
Movement Detroit – Photo by MissMak

Photos by Kristina Bakrevski

“Nothing quite like Desert Hearts festival. It’s an intimate gathering of 3,000 of the funkiest, most stylish people I’ve ever seen. There’s a fashion show on the dance floor next to a wine and cheese bar. People are encouraged to dance in the DJ booth and speakers. It’s a safe space to let your freak flag fly. One big weird jovial family. Hands down one of my favorite events all year to shoot.” – Photographer Kristina Bakrevski



I didn’t know (Tei Shi’s) music when she took the stage, but by the end of her set – I was a fan. My camera also thanked me for her set!” – Photographer Jon Bauer


Wire at Slim’s: “A great big noise made better by seasoned stage veterans.” – Photographer Jon Bauer


Pacific Coast Dream Machines: “As a lifelong motorcyclist myself, watching these people do this makes me realize how much I still need to learn.” – Photographer Jon Bauer


“Amazing to see and photograph such strength and beauty. All of the (Soiled Dove) performances that night were equally mesmerizing.” – Photographer Jon Bauer


World Dog Surfing Championships: “Was awesome to see this little Half Moon Bay event get international coverage. Go Bay area!!!” – Photographer Jon Bauer


Photos by Jon Bauer
The Chainsmokers – Photo by Stewart Tomassian

Photos by Sarah Felker
Gryffin – Photo by Brandon Raines

JAUZ – Photo by Allison Szeto

Lightning in a Bottle
Lightning in a Bottle – Photo by Chelsea Young