The 7th Annual Super Hero Street Fair, from the co-producers of the How Weird Street Fair, is fast-approaching. And in a city that loves to dress up, expect to see a full range of hilarious, magnificent, and bad-ass costume varieties at this event. Please note: this event has been moved from this Saturday to October 22 (Which means you now you have more time to put together your costumes!)

The Super Hero Street Fair is what it’d be like if nerds, cool kids, techies, and artists combined superpowers to create one event.

For those that just want to party their pants off, maybe shake your booties in some spandex, twirl around in a cape, there will be DJs and multiple stages of music. For those looking to dive a bit deeper into the comic book world, the Cartoon Art Museum, Mission: Comics and Art, and the Jack Kirby Museum will have exhibits on display.

Large-scale 3D art pieces, including laser cut sculptures, and other examples of masterful artwork that combine beauty, science, and design will be set up throughout the venue. Cosplay is also encouraged. Pros to newbs, and everyone in between are welcome to dress up. Here are a few cosplay tips to get you started!

SuperHeroSF2016 (1)Win two VIP tickets here (valued at $50 each)! Winners will be picked Monday, September 12 at midnight.

1. Pick a character that speaks to you. Maybe your personality leans more toward a straight-laced Spider-Man, or a wild man (or woman) Wolverine, or you have sympathies for Hulk’s rage outs. Let these preferences guide you toward your inner cosplay character. Also don’t let gender limit your character choices.I’ve seen plenty of  convincing female Hellboys and Jokers in my day.

2. Skip pre-made costumes, go the DIY route. A trip to the hardware store, a dig through your craft bin, and peruse through the good ol’ interwebs should give you some good ideas on ways you can make costumes and props on the cheap. Also for the more obscure characters you might not be able to buy a costume anyone…so, it’s time to get creative! Wire, cardboard and printer-made iron-ons (or glued on embellishments) are a good place to start, depending on your costume needs.

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Just because you don’t have a wig that reflects Mystique’s exact hairstyle, or you don’t have six pack abs like Conan the Barbarian, or you’re Thor without the hammer, you don’t need every prop or the perfect look in order for your costume to come correct. Also if your costume is pretty obscure, you’ll be able to find fellow fans right away by who is actually able to guess who you’re dressed as. It’s for those that know!

3. Use lightweight materials. Dressing up should be fun, not the source of additional troubles. Most costumes that look like they are made of heavy metals are notduct tape, tin foil, and other lightweight materials are a better choice. Follow the mantra, less sweat, less stressmore dancing.

4. Be Prepared. Bring extra “just in case” supplies. More seasoned cosplayers who have already faced costume meltdowns in the past would encourage you, to pack extra tape, sewing supplies, safety pins, glue, or whatever it is you need for your get-up to fully survive the evening. If you lack this type of dedication to dressing up; be sure to at least have a spot within your costume for your phone, keys,wallet—plus maybe a backup shirt or pants, in case something on your costume breaks or meets some other bad twist of fate.

5. Study your character’s signature moves, bust them out for photo ops. Learn your character’s lingo, catchphrases and signature poses. These will take your costume to a new dimension. And remember, photo or it didn’t happen! 

In case you completely fail on making a costume, wearing a comic book themed t-shirt will do. Also, here are some local costume resources suggested by the folks behind the Superhero Street Fair. These pros will set you up with a proper costume in a flash!


+++ 7th Annual Super Hero Street Fair 
Saturday, October 22, 2016, 1pm to 11pm
250 Napolean Street, SF
Cost: $15 advanced purchase, $20 for SuperHero Sticker provides vendor and food discounts and $2 off adult beverages