In another blow to San Francisco’s nightlife scene, Supperclub will close its doors in SoMa after two parties this weekend.

The club, part of a small international chain that started in Amsterdam, opened in San Francisco 10 years ago in a two-story space lined with its signature white beds.

Specializing in keeping San Francisco weird with a unique mix of dinner theater, dance parties and special events, Supperclub drew an equally diverse crowd. With a lease renewal on the horizon and changing demographics in San Francisco, the team behind the venue is opting to focus on pop-up events and catering.

“The climate changed in the SoMa area,” says Michael Anthony, special event coordinator and partner-member, in an interview earlier this month with InsideScoop. “We started looking at whether it’s financially viable to renew a lease with the current state of the pricing in the area. We wanted to change our direction anyhow after 10 years.”

General manager Brad Ramacher told InsideScoop: “[San Francisco nightlife] has definitely been gentrified to a specific type of person or lifestyle. A lot of the bars are becoming clones of each other, so it’s kind of the same.”

Reinforcing Ramacher’s point, the last supper tomorrow at Supperclub features a three-course menu with a “cirque-spectacular meets sultry clowns.” A dance party follows with Perception.

A final “Everything Must Go!” gathering is schedule for Sunday, 2pm to 2am, with food and drink deals, DJs, performers and the opportunity to buy anything not bolted to the floor. More info on Supperclub’s website.

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