After a three-show run for Point Break Live! quickly sold out, organizers announced six more shows at DNA Lounge for early 2014.

The production, which recreates cult classic film Point Break with a volunteer from the audience playing the lead, will return with two shows on the first Friday of February, March and April in 2014.

“We’ve been in a lot of different cities and every different crowd is different, but I think San Francisco, as opposed to L.A., is a little less worried about being cool, which makes the show really fun,” Executive Producer and Director Thomas Blake, Jr. told us in an interview in October. “They’re more into being just wild and crazy, and having a good time. I think in San Francisco they really like it because they’re into that type of stuff where they can let loose and not have to sit and stay still in the theater.

For the 2014 dates, attendees can splurge on the “VIP Ultimate Rush,” which includes seating in the first three rows, a meatball sandwich, poncho and a Point Break Live! T-shirt. Tickets are available via DNA Lounge.