Uptown Oakland continues to be a hotbed of activity with Umami Burger burger opening its third Bay Area location in the neighborhood.

Like his other Bay Area restaurants, Umami Burger founder Adam Fleischman has produced a unique look for his latest venture. The feel is a bit more industrial than the spot on Union Street in San Francisco and downtown Palo Alto, which is understandable because it is located on the bottom floor of an office building. The wood tables and booths stand out from the black walls. Overall, the space seats about 80 and Fleischman and crew are hoping to soon get approval for patio seating for about 50 out front.

Like each other location, there is a specialty burger for Oakland. Corporate chef John Herndon said they are still working out final details but, for now, Oakland’s signature burger is the Queso Fundido Burger—a mix of Umami’s signature beef patty, topped with house-made chile con queso and chorizo fundido sauce. What I thought was interesting is Herndon said he was playing with the idea of the signature burger being a waffle and fried chicken burger, which sounds pretty amazing.  The rest of the menu features many of Umami’s signature items, although desserts will be unique with Gregory’s Gourmet Desserts on several items.

Another unique aspect to the Oakland location is that it has a full liquor license and features several specialty cocktails, along with a nice beer and wine list. This is Umami Burger’s first Bay Area location that will be incorporating cocktails, although the company’s next space in San Francisco’s SoMA District will also have cocktails.

Restaurant hours are tentative, starting daily at 11:00am. Fleischman and team said they are excited to be moving into such an up and coming neighborhood, but are still unclear of exactly how busy the Oakland scene will be. For now, closing hours are undetermined.

Umami Burger Oakland is located at 2100 Franklin Street.