The 9th District U.S. Court of Appeals issued a one-sentence statement today clearing the way for same-sex marriages to begin immediately in San Francisco.

The court issued this statement regarding Prop. 8: “The stay in the above matter is dissolved effective immediately.”

It looks like marriages in San Francisco will begin this afternoon with Prop. 8 plaintiffs Kristin Perry and Sandra Stier at 4:15pm. Just after 3:30pm California Attorney general Kamal Harris tweeted, “On my way to S.F. City Hall. Let the wedding bells ring!”

“About to marry the #Prop8 plaintiffs Kristin Perry and Sandra Stier. Wedding bells are ringing!”

“I’m thrilled that people are able to move forward,” and also thrilled that San Francisco and other cities throughout the state can remain open over the weekend for same-sex marriages, Gavin Newsom told KCBS in an interview this afternoon.

With California now the 13th state to offer same-sex marriages Newsom said he hopes other states will continue to push the marriage-equality movement forward.

“I hope the momentum behind the moment, the humanity behind the moment … will build that momentum in other states,” he said.

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