SF Station is happy to announce the return of The Lineup, a friendly competition between local bands for the chance to perform at Guinness Oyster & Music Festival, headlined this year by Devo on June 1 in Golden Gate Park.


Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Submit your band with the form below by Monday, April 29. Submissions are now closed. Go here to vote for your favorite local band! http://pulse.sfstation.com/thelineup2013/

Step 2: We will pick 7-10 bands for an online ballot, allowing readers and fans to vote for their three favorite bands.

Step 3: The four bands with the most votes will perform at The Lineup showcase, May 22 at Cafe du Nord and the band with the most votes will perform a 15-minute opening set at the Guinness Oyster & Music Festival (an event that draws more than 10,000 music fans annually) in Golden Gate Park on June 1. In addition to Devo, Muetmath, Shiny Toy Guns and Family of the Year will perform along with a second stage featuring electronic artists.

More Details on Guinness Oyster & Music Festival.