Italian-Belgian producer Vito De Luca is set to deliver a night French house and Balearic beat at Mezzanine on March 9. We spoke with him about growing up in Belgium and his latest projects.

Aeroplane mezzanine

His French deep house style and versatile chill-out soundscapes take listeners on an audible flight. But also expect plenty of bouncy pop remixes with smooth guest vocals and upbeat dance floor rhythms.

Tell me about your most vivid memories growing up in Belgium and how you first got turned on to music.

I grew up in a smaller town south of Belgium, kind of like what Philly is to New York in a way. It was a bit tough even if it wasn’t hard. We didn’t have much money and we lived in a project apartment; my youth was pretty much just music and sitting on benches in the street. I started making and learning music quite young, got my first little Casio at around 6 or 7 (wish I still had it… ) and then started going to music school, learned the theory alongside piano and choir classes. Later on, I also took private guitar lessons.

How would you best describe Balearica or balaeric music?

You cannot really describe it as a genre of music. The term comes from a place. It’s the kind of music that was played in that place at a certain period in time. Because of the surrounding, the sun, the beaches, the sea, people were playing a certain type of songs that would fit the atmosphere. Some disco, some early electronic, some pop records, experimental stuff… the combination of all those genres and records together with the decor makes ” balearic “. It’s more of a general feeling than a genre of music.

Listen below to Aeroplane’s funky remix of “Pool – Flex”