The Coachella rumor mill continues to churn as organizers sit on details for the 2013 festival lineup, but according to a recent interview with Mick Jagger, the Rolling Stones won’t be performing this year.

Jagger had this to say about the festival in an interview this week with NME:

“”We’re not gonna do Coachella, ‘cos it’s too early. There was a rumour we were gonna do that one, but it’s very early, Coachella. It’s April or something, isn’t it? And we’re not gonna be ready to go by April. But we’re not gonna stop.”

Other sites have gone into detail with likely performers this year, so the majority of the lineup shouldn’t be a huge surprise. But, come on already, let’s get on with the details. So far, the only official words is this pretty-yet-vague video released yesterday: