Thursday, December 6, Wild at Heart at Monarch brings together a couple of SF’s local favorites, Lance DeSardi and Galen, along with special guest, DJ Three.

A seasoned DJ, often referred to as a DJ’s DJ, Three emerged in the underground in Florida in the early 90s. At a young age, he stumbled upon hip hop, electro and freestyle, which acted as a gateway for him into dance music and club culture. His interest in DJing came shortly after when he began to seek out radio mix shows from NY, before eventually coming across the sultry four-to-the-floor rhythms of Chicago house.

Currently residing in New York, Three intends to pick up the pace with his record label, Hallucination Limited, as he keeps up with a heavy tour schedule. But his work comes with ease after years of experience have primed his ears to listen to quality and timelessness. As a selector, he plays out tracks in their most appropriate setting and environment for the best dance floor vibes.

In the meantime, you can get a taste of Three with his Verboten Transmissions podcast, capturing his set from New Orleans’ Voodoo Fest.

DJ Three plays Wild at Heart with Lance DeSardi and Galen Thursday, December 6 at Monarch. More info and tickets can be found here.