Videos go viral on YouTube all the time. From funny animal videos to babies doing something out of the ordinary – they become overnight sensations. But now, the ultimate YouTube video crown goes to Psy’s music video “Gangnam Style.”

The video, which has been parodied and memed hundreds if not thousands of times around the world, this past weekend eclipsed more than 800 million views, edging past Justin Bieber’s video for “Baby” as the most watched item ever posted to YouTube.

The South Korean rap artist has become one of the most unlikely worldwide sensations in 2012 with his comic dance style making the video an instant hit in South Korea and outside of the country. YouTube said that since “Gangnam Style” was first posted on the website in July, it has been viewed more than 825 million times.

Here’s the video, in case you’re one of the few who haven’t actually seen it.



Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi, via Wikimedia Commons