Or at least some. The burlesque star was in town last week to help promote La Maison Cointreau, a new experience showcasing the spirit and spent a few minutes talking with SF Station.

How did you get involved with Cointreau?

I had been approached by a number of different liquor companies. But none of them were really the right fit. I became an ambassador for Cointreau because honestly, it is a truly glamorous spirit, from the brand to the way it markets itself.

You had two sold out shows at the venerable Fillmore earlier this year. Do you like to visit the Bay Area and what do you enjoy about it?

This is really such a beautiful area. I always love to come and visit – from the shopping to the food and drinks and the weather.  I really enjoy the Bay Area. I always fancied that one day, I would be living in one of those glamorous old Victorian houses and could just go shopping for vintage clothing. It’s fun to be able to bundle up in my winter clothes whenever I’m here too.

Like it or not, you are widely considered a worldwide sex symbol. Do you embrace that label?

I honestly never consider myself a sex symbol or the definition of a sex symbol. I’m not that tall, skinny, blonde model that has been the definition for such a long time.

But you can also be someone who is looked up to by younger woman and girls right?

I’ve always lived in my own skin and I think that’s something that is important for everyone. To be happy with who you are, what you look like and to embrace your beauty.

You mentioned food. Are there any places in the Bay Area you visit when you’re in town?

The last few times I’ve actually gone to Millenium to eat – sort of my vegan spot. But I love all types of food, it just really depends what I’m in the mood for.

Finally, since we are at a cocktail event, what is your one go-to cocktail?

I love a really good Margarita. But it really has to be done the right way. There are ways that bartenders can mess it up. Sometimes, I’ll even ask the bartender to just give me the limes and I’ll end up making my own. But it‘s hard to beat a really good Margarita.

Ms. Von Teese also performed one act in her burlesque show that night. A lot of times when meeting a celebrity, actress or musician, they come off the wrong way. But besides being stunningly beautiful, Dita was as nice and cordial as could be, taking time for everyone that evening. A true Hollywood starlet without the attitude, it was a true pleasure to meet such a class act.


Photo Credit: Steve Jennings/WireImage