Upcoming at the weekly Nightlife at the California Academy of Sciences is a lecture series with Stanford researchers and casino-game experts being called a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the statistics and artistry behind gambling.

Per the schedule, the night will begin with researchers from the Stanford Department of Statistics who will explore what probability is and how exactly it works in the real-world.

A talk featuring the The Distilled Man, Eli McCargar, a genuine rounder who states on his website that he has been playing poker since the age of 14 and now competes professionally in tournaments around the Bay Area, will also be included for those wishing to improve their chances of coming away with more than their buy-in.

Paul Stepahin, a curator for the Exploratorium and expert in the history of card counting, will dish on those that have endeavored to cheat their way to success and the methods by which they have both succeeded and failed.

Luck of the Draw at the California Academy of Sciences will be Thursday, September 13 from 6pm to 10 pm.