Donna Sky was a working mom just looking for one thing – the hummus she grew up loving. So instead of searching and searching the aisles of grocery stores, she did the next best thing. She started her own company, Love & Hummus.

“People think you can just throw together some ingredients to make hummus. But it takes a lot of time to prepare,” Sky said. “I was just looking for the hummus that I was used to, that I loved so much.”

So she started Love & Hummus Co., producing hummus that was made locally, all organic and available in sustainable packaging. Sky established an account with Whole Foods in 2010 and has since expanded to selling her bottles of hummus at the La Cocina Kiosk in the Ferry Building and at smaller, independent grocery stores. “It started off as something small and has just grown each step of the way. I started off just using the kitchen at La Cocina and now, I might be in the kitchen one or two days a week,” she said. “We produce the hummus in Marin now as well and I spend a lot of time with people working on social media and branding to help to continue to build the company.”

And why the name Love & Hummus? “For me, this company is about love. My love for cooking, love for hummus. And this is not just about me. It’s about the love and sacrifices my husband and daughter have made,” Sky said. “I remember growing up and my mom and grandmother were always in the kitchen. When I was watching them, it felt like they were empowered and could really express themselves in their food. My daughter is the same way now. Whether she’s at an event with me or trying a different hummus, she feels connected to the product and the business. Love & Hummus is truly a family business.”

Sky will be participating in both the Friday Night Market and Saturday event. On Friday, Fifth Floor chef David Bazirgan will be using her hummus for his falafel dish. And on Saturday, she will be dishing out her hummus at two locations. “We’ll have a normal booth and we will also be set up in the kid’s area (on 23rd Street, between Treat and Shotwell). I’m really excited because all the sales from the table in the kid’s area will go to benefit the school garden program at Marshall Elementary,” said Sky. “It’s right in my neighborhood and to be able to give back and be invested in the community is pretty cool.”

But perhaps the coolest thing Sky said is that she still gets excited when she eats her own hummus.

Love & Hummus Co. will be at the SF Street Food Festival throughout the weekend. The booth will be located between 24th and 25th streets between Treat and Shotwell and the table will be located in the kid’s area.



Photo Credit: Love & Hummus Co.