Nick Balla from Bar Tartine is branching into his own “freestyle” dinners on Mondays, having recently launched “Curiosities.”

The dinner series is a chance for Balla, along with Cortney Burns and Tartine co-owner Chad Robertson, to be creative and freestyle. They will occasionally be collaborating with guest chefs, Bar Tartine staff and family and friends, exploring a wide range of different palettes and culinary heritages.

The first dinner was held last week (July 23) and featured a traditional Japanese okazu menu, with small plates and several different rice dishes.

On Monday, July 30, Balla is going Vietnamese with a Bò 7 món ( Vietnamese 7 course beef feast ). The menu is below:

1. Tongue salad with huacatay, lovage, rice powder, sprouted mung beans

2. Seared rare wagyu bavette with radish, cucumber, sesame, fish powder

3. Grilled heart skewers, crispy rice patties, 3 chili pastes, crudite

4. Savory broth with mustard greens, raw beef, scallion

5. Cabbage roll, mom’s lemongrass meatloaf, hen of the woods

6. Chopped steak with crepe noodles, tomato, eggplant

7. Rice porridge with marrow, dried beef, sunflower, coriander


Cost is $45 per person. Reservations can be made by calling the restaurant at 415-487-1600 or online at



Photo Credit: Bar Tartine