Friday, June 8, As You Like It showcases a line up of live talent at Beatbox headlined by guests Kollektiv Turmstrasse and Kassem Mosse, along with local talent including Bobby Browser, Christina Chatfield, and Antacid.

You may remember Kollektiv Turmstrasse if you caught them at their SF debut at [KONTROL] last year. Based out of Hamburg, the duo have been dishing out minimal techno and tech-house for a while now. In their latest album, Rebellion der Träumer, they dove into dark and moody territories, showing fans the depth of their musical understanding that goes beyond dance floor dynamics .

Chock full of pretty melodies and carefully crafted beats, Kollektiv Turmstrasse have a passion for atmospheric development that can also be heard in their live sets.

Kassem Mosse comes from another East German city, Leipzig, which has long been known for its hard techno and deep house scenes. As a producer, Mosse straddles these genres and blends them with a sort of prowess that has impressed many DJs and producers from these and other scenes, including those who dabble in dubstep. His tracks have appeared on labels with consistently unique house and techno releases such as Laid, Mikrodisko Recordings, and Workshop.

But don’t expect to hear him play out his tracks on the dancefloor; instead, Mosse prefers to try out bits of tracks he’s working on and allows for plenty of wiggle room for improv. You can listen to his Boiler Room mix for a taste here.

Locals Bobby Browser, Christina Chatfield, and Antacid share the bill offering their own flavors to the plate. They represent 100% Silk, Beretta Grey, and Nexus accordingly: a promisingly diverse selection including house tinged with disco and funk, lots of acid, and, of course, techno.

As You Like It Live comes to Beatbox Friday, June 8. Supporting DJ set from Mossmoss. More information and tickets can be found here.