In honor of National Pizza Party Day (on a Friday, no less) I have compiled the list of the 5 indisputable best pizzas in our fine city…

5.) PizzaHacker (mobile)

Jeff Krupman, AKA the PizzaHacker, scores high marks for creativity. Not just for forging his own traveling pizza oven out of a tweaked out Weber grill, but also with his incredibly inventive and delightfully delicious styles. Bahn mi on a pizza? It’s worth the wait.

4.) Gioia Pizzeria (2240 Polk Street)

This San Francisco newcomer has been a favorite in Berkeley for years. It’s all about the crust–soft, billowing cornicione. Straight outta Brooklyn, New York style pizza has a happy home in San Francisco.

3.) Tony’s Pizza Napoletana (1570 Stockton Street)

Diversity is key here. With so many different styles of pizza being produced by world-class pizzaiolo Tony Gemignani, there’s a slice of satisfaction for everyone.

2.) Pizzeria Delfina (3611 18th Street)

A true San Francisco treat, as evidenced by the obscene lines that can swell up at both their Mission and Pac Heights locations, this place is all about the quality of ingredients. A masterful melding of Neapolitan flavors with California Cuisine.

1.) Arinell Pizza (509 Valencia Street)

As a native New Yorker, I simply have to go with my heart here: the absolute closest thing you can find in the West to a bona fide NYC pizza parlor. No fuss, no muss. Just a damn good foldable slice that you can enjoy with just-the-right ratio of cornicione, sauce and cheese–and none of the overinflated costs justified by so-called gourmet pizza.