One of the city’s premiere brewpubs is actually housed in a scenic restaurant overlooking Ocean Beach. I’m talking of course about the glorious Beach Chalet (1000 Great Highway), nestled at the marine terminus of Golden Gate Park. Given it’s mom-friendly locale and festive Sunday atmosphere, it’s one of the ideal destinations for Mother’s Day this Sunday.

Renowned for it’s expansive brunchtime spread, the Chalet offers up the goods from 8AM until 2PM with savory specials like Smoked Crab Bisque, Whole Wheat Pancakes, Smoked Salmon Benedict and who could forget: Custard Baked Brioche BrulĂ©e. I know I won’t be forgetting that one. For a nominal fee, you get to enjoy endless trips to the buffet as well as some magical mimosas to mark the occasion, because it’s always important to start your day off with a hearty dose of vitamin C. Best of all, you get to enjoy it all outdoors tucked in between the idyllic landscape of the park and the gentle sound of waves crashing into the California Coastline.

If you’re looking to celebrate the holiday a little later in the afternoon, the indoor part of the restaurant is featuring a special dinner menu beginning after 2PM. Olive Oil Poached Monk Fish and Grilled Salmon are two notable standouts. Didn’t your Mother ever tell you how much she just loves seafood? Well, she does. She also loves flowers, so she’ll be overcome with joy at the complimentary floral offering given to all Moms at the door. Just make sure to save room for the Maple Bacon Bar for dessert; it’s appeal is universal–just like the Beach Chalet itself.