The Twisted Mind of Borgore

Israeli born dirty dubstepper Borgore produces what he refers to as Gorestep – like a horror movie in electronic music form. At Coachella we asked him about his metal roots, what he thinks about free downloads and his influences behind the songs.

You grew up in Israel, do you still live there?

I don’t really live anywhere. I’m a man of the world.

Did anything about the culture there shape the hard music you make?

In Tel Aviv where I lived it’s super liberal. It was the gayest city of Europe this year or something. I think with it being such a liberal city and country that it made me into this music.

You first played in metal bands, what made you make the change from metal to dubstep?

You get older and when you go to a party you want to actually get laid. laughs No, metal was something I was into for a while but I really wanted to party and got into going to electro concerts.

Borgore “Flex”

You gave the recent Flex Ep away as a free download. What are your thoughts on free songs versus paying for downloads?

If you really want to, you’re going to get the tunes for free anyway. If people want them, they know where to find them whether you like it or not. Instead of getting horrible YouTube rips or Torrents and sending them through a nightmare, you just give them good quality tunes.

How did you get linked up with Mad Decent record label?

Diplo’s very on point and Mad Decent’s always ready to try new stuff unlike major labels that will not want to create new genres. Diplo came to me early and I was very happy to meet that guy. It was actually in LA, not while he was traveling around the world.

Your hit song is “Nympho” – what’s the inspiration behind it?

laughs I know a lot of nymphos. It’s fun and girls like to go wild to it.

Borgore “Nympho” NSFW