Meteor Rocks Tahoe Area

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a meteor. Residents/visitors of the Reno-Sparks near Lake Tahoe were startled when what felt like an earthquake rattled through the Sierras early this morning. However, instead of expecting a shaker, they were shocked to discover that a meteor had actually crashed down to earth.

If you were in Tahoe this weekend (and as there’s no snow, why would you be?), you may have seen something extraordinary yesterday morning: a giant fireball streaking across the sky. Was it a missile? Was it an alien invasion? A well orchestrated prank? Nope. It was a meteor about the size of a washing machine. And about 15 minutes later there was a resounding sonic boom echoing around for miles as the particle broke through our atmosphere.

According to the Reno Gazette-Journal, “The sonic boom set off alarms at the Wal-Mart in Carson City, was felt around the Tahoe Basin and into California as far north as Tehama County and as far south as Riverside County.” People as far as Vegas also heard it. Although, they may have just been drunk.

Residents reported that several government vehicles from various government agencies quickly arrived at the scene.

It’s still unconfirmed whether a small child with super human powers emerged from the meteor or that those who live near the crash were exposed to radioactive waves emitting from the site. I guess we’ll find out twenty years from now when a group of mutant superheroes takes over the world.

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Image credit: Astronomy WonderHowTo