The founder of famed Oakland marijuana trade school Oaksterdam is giving up ownership of the company, this after a federal raid of the facility last week.

Richard Lee founded Oaksterdam in 2007. The university offers classes to medical marijuana providers in several fields, including horticulture, business and laws concerning running a dispensary.

Lee, who became a paraplegic after a severe spine injury in 1990, backed an unsuccessful attempt to legalize marijuana in California in 2010. Now that he has stepped down, he said he will focus on campaigns to legalize marijuana in other states.

On the morning of April 2, federal agents from the Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and U.S. Marshals Service seized assets at Oaksterdam, including marijuana plants, bank accounts and records. Federal agents also came to Lee’s apartment in Oakland.

Officials have not said exactly what the purpose of the raids were or if Lee would face any possible charges.

Lee said that part of the reason he is stepping down at this time is because he could face federal charges. He said the university would operate as normal despite his absence.



Photo Credit: Narfolaxer, via Wikimedia Commons