This week’s best performances include a new dark comedy at the A.C.T, and a Easter variety show mystery at Exit Theatre, and a wiry dance at Live Worms Gallery.  

Don’t miss the A.C.T.‘s latest, Maple and Vine, on stage now through Sunday, April 22. The dark comedy follows a modern-day couple, who choose to join a community of reenactors, who live wireless, sushi-less, vintage American lives, set in 1955. Set just a few years before Mad Men, the costumes are rich, the liquor is strong and sex is as risque as ever.

Starting this Friday, ClownSnotBombs presents The Mystery of the Jeweled Egg, a Vaudeville-style Easter-weekend show at the Exit Theatre. Expect a family-friendly, action-meets-comedy show full of acrobatics, unicycling, juggling, and clowning, all set to beats of a live band.

Also premiering this Friday is re:BOUND, a three part dance-art-music piece, at Live Worms Gallery. Dancer and performance artist, Jacqueline Lounsbury will perform and improvisational, interactive piece, where she’ll wrap her body with steel wire bindings to create a cocoon like armor. Artwork by Young Han and experimental music by Amar Chaudhary will fill the walls and help set to mood for Lounsbury’s performance.