More Korean tacos are coming to the streets of San Francisco, via Hot Bike.

Hot Bike is the brand new custom made food cart by home chef Rose Johnson. She’s honed her culinary skills thru random vegan pop up projects with her Apothocurious catering group.

Her new bike was constructed by Yuba Bikes, with a $5,000 funding budget that Johnson got from her Kickstarter project. It’s a clever compact design, with a back cargo area that rotates to reveal 2 burners, while the back serves as a table. In the future, she hopes to make home deliveries around the city, to cook fresh tacos to order on her bike. That’s a very interesting concept, but all the details haven’t been worked out yet. Mainly the legal and permit issues regarding cooking on the sidewalk.

This new street food venture plans to debut at The Lookout on Thursday, April 5, 2012 – from 9 pm to midnight. Hot Bike’s menu will feature Korean tacos for $3, with chicken or pulled jackfruit. The event will also be attended by Pachamama Cookery with vegan pierogies.

Photo Credit: Rose Johnson’s blog.