When Off the Grid returns to Ft. Mason this evening, there will be a slew of new food options to choose from.

Joining the 35 participants on the scene of the city’s most exciting weekly food event, will be Alicia’s Tamales Los Mayas, Don Bugito and Delicioso Creperie.

Alicia will be serving her sweet and savory cornmeal encased goodies that have become widely popular over the past year. Using her grandmother’s recipe, she manages to create a tamale that is uncharacteristically light, and the green and chipotle sauce doused on top is a flavorful revelation.

Don Bugito is a unique culinary exploration involving edible insects. While not for everyone, the people that are brave enough to try dishes as seemingly unappealing as vanilla ice cream sprinkled with mealworms, always rave about the unusual sources of protein offered by this ‘Prehispanic Snackeria.’

Delicioso Creperie is an imaginative melding of French, Lebanese and Mexican style crepes, combining the culture and flavors of three separate continents. Whatever your dining desires might be, Off the Grid always has something in store for you.

Off the Grid goes from 5PM until 10PM every Friday at Ft. Mason, along the pier.