Now those in the Upper Haight will have the chance to wait in absurdly long lines for a Temple O’ Spuds and a biscuit as the Mission’s Boogaloos sets up shop at Parada 22 for a weekend brunch pop-up. And if you get there early they’ll even throw in some freebies. Yes, please, thank you.

Starting this weekend Valencia Street hipster darling Boogaloos– you know, the one where all those unkempt, hungover skinny-jean wearing twenty-somethings are crowded around the sidewalk – will be holding court at Parada 22 from 9am – 3pm.

And to commemorate the occasion, they are breaking out the booze. They will be offering one

complimentary Mimosa to every customer. And, according to the folks at Eater, “one free ‘bacony-cheesy-green-oniony pancake’ per table before noon”. Now, if that doesn’t make you want to stumble out of bed, don your sunglasses and trek over to the Haight, I don’t know what will.

[via Eater SF]

Image credit: Parada 22