From the amazing BBQ to the rocking parties at Hype Hotel and Fader Fort, and performances by everyone from Skrillex to Bruce Springstein, SXSW in Austin was a pretty honky-tonk good time. While there were just too many good shows to name, here are six of our favorite new artists.

Star Slinger

With a rhythm similar to Gramatik, this dude samples sick soul songs and gets his disco on like no other.

Electric Wire Hustle

Smooth, soulful and full of hustle… the good kind.


With sexy, inquisitive vocals and a female lead that slithers across the stage like a snake, they are indie rock at its finest.

Alabama Shakes

Their southern innocence and their ever so careful xylophone player make them incredibly lovable.


That’s what they are.

Gary Clark, Jr.

Some say he’s the new Jimi Hendrix. I just think he’s raw rock n’ roll.

Ashley Smith is a writer and music lover from San Francisco. You can check out what she is grooving to at