If you’ve ever walked down 24th Street in Noe Valley, most likely you’ve noticed the marquee for Urban Cellars offering up pithy quotes and sage words of advice. After being busted one too many times for selling alcohol to minors (those fake McLovin Hawaii Drivers Licenses are really hard to distinguish), the wine and liquor seller has closed. But this weekend, a new wine merchant is opening up shop.

And this time you can bet they’ll be double-checking those I.D.s. The new owner, James Mead, has renovated the space, adding a tasting room (fancy!) where there will be classes, and has stocked the store with a whole slew of craft beers.

The new shop will be competing with neighboring Plumpjack Wines just down the street so it’ll be interesting to see what kind of interest it garners.

Noe Valley Wine Merchants

3821 24th Street between Church and Sanchez

For more info, go here.

[via Eater]