On March 10, British duo Slow Club will perform at Brick & Mortar Music Hall. Hailing from Sheffield, England, the band consists of Rebecca Taylor (vocals, guitar, percussion) and Charles Watson (vocals, guitar). Although their sound could be accurately described as indie pop, the band pushes beyond the boundaries of this genre by incorporating distinctly alternative and folk elements. The duo doesn’t shy from foot-stomping folky beats, complimentary guitar solos and alternative guitar screeches.

Although many of their songs evoke a tone of upbeat hopefulness, they stray from the syrupy sweet electronic sound that many other contemporary indie-pop bands favor. Taylor has the appearance of an indie pop it-girl, which is balanced by her passionate vocals and high-energy percussion skills. Her counterpart is the bearded, wide-eyed Watson, who brings softer, more folk-inspired vocals to their creation.

Slow Club released their most recent album, Paradise, in September 2011 and received acclaim from Pitchfork and Rolling Stone. Watson announced on his blog in January that they will soon begin working on a new EP. The band began a tour of United States and Canada earlier this year. The duo will travel back down the West Coast before returning to their native land to play at the No Direction Home Festival in June.

Slow Club performs at Brick and Mortar Music Hall on March 10. Tickets are $9-$12 and show starts at 8pm.