Avant-garde electronic musician and visual artist Teebs aka Mtendere Mandowa will present his stunning visual dreamscapes—as a featured artist of the Noise Pop Culture Club—starting Friday, February 24, at The Roll Up Gallery at Public Works.


Mandowa has an electrifying visual style that’s all his own. His works are a bright sea of dazzling colors intertwined with skill, and his mixed-media landscapes—in opposition to their abstract character—have an immediacy that draws the eye.

About his most recent pieces, some that will be featured in the upcoming exhibition, Mandowa states, “It’s just me kinda pulling it in all the experiences I get from the life I live and pushing them back out—that’s really it to be honest…it’s very immediate emotions, very base level. I try not to get too deep into it because I really don’t like the idea of losing people. I like the feeling of universal understanding.”

The opening reception on Friday, February 24, runs from 6 to 9 pm and will be free to the public.