Roam Artisan Burgers (1785 Union Street) is already regarded as one of the city’s premiere destinations for gourmet ground beef, but it might surprise you to learn that they’re one of the only places in the Bay offering Kombucha on draft.

The probiotic culture that’s all the rage these days has developed quite a fanbase in our fine city. Admittedly, I’ve been somewhat reluctant to hop on the Kombucha train. It’s pronounced vinegar characteristics just don’t seem to agree with my palate. Kombucha Botanica helped redefine the experience for me, with an array of flavors that are defined by refreshing characteristics more so than any type of pungent sourness. Even more impressive is that this brand of Kombucha possesses more antioxidants than most standard varieties. So aside from being tastier, it’s also healthier.

Roam regularly offers Kombucha Organica but if you make your way to the Cow Hollow eatery over the next week or so, you’ll also find a Sarsaparilla kombucha on-tap. Boasting the wintergreen tones of a root beer, Surf City’s brand of kombucha is a unique take on this healthy elixir that provides a robust and satisfying finish to the neighborhood’s best organic burger.