Yesterday Neon Indian released their latest video, and it’s their most interesting collaboration to date. Neon Indian creator Alan Palomo teamed up with Adult Swim and director Lilfuchs (remember those trippy Flying Lotus videos? You can thank him for those.) to create the animated music video for “Fallout”.

The video features nostalgic ‘80s style animation and Barbie as the leading lady with a very appropriate chillwave-style makeover. She drives her car through glam rainbows and flashes of shining chrome to get to the shop where a crew of greasy mechanics have been waiting patiently, just dreaming of a girl like her to show up. Adult Swim proves true to their comedic roots when Barbie removes her wayfarers (there’s a reason she wears those, and it’s not to shield from the sun!) to wink at the boys before she burns rubber and drives off into the sexy neon sunset. I can just see the similarly animated ‘90s Daria rolling her eyes, though it’s not certain whether Neon Indian’s chillwave Barbie is someone she’d love to hate, or hate to love. By the way Barbie effortlessly melts these men’s cigarettes,  my vote is for the latter.