Central Michigan’s SuperDre grew up in a hotbed of musical activity located between Chicago and Detroit to naturally become a DJ, producer and start her own label. She gets behind the tables in SF for the first time this Saturday, January 28 at Public Works.

We chatted with Andrea aka SuperDre on a typical chilly Michigan day to learn about her influences, what she enjoys most about DJing and what’s next for her label Bass Candi.

How did you initially get started DJing?

I started a long time ago when I was about 16 or 17. I’ve played a million instruments growing up, always been a band geek or whatever. I was a music major in college too so it was a natural progression. I have some family in New York and a couple of my cousins DJ and I always thought it was pretty cool; seemed like something new and fun to try and it stuck.

About 5 years ago I kind of tested it out to see if it was something that I could do full-time and toed the line working a day job while DJing at night which gets to be a brutal schedule after a while. I still do some IT contract work during the day but I’m pretty much a full-time musician at this point, gives me more time to focus on production.

What role did your location growing up play in influencing your music background?

I was born and raised in Michigan so lots of influences especially from techno being from Detroit, my parents lived there before we moved closer to the west side of the state, closer to the Chicago area where house music is huge. Stuck in the middle of those cities has been a pretty big influence.

Grand Rapids has a cool music scene. Chicago and Detroit are pretty old school and have been around for a long time for almost every genre and things are established. Here it’s kind of nice and vibrant, in more of budding stages with new venues and more excitement with a lot more going on now than was 10 years ago.

In 2009 you started your own label – Bass Candi.

Yeah it’s been interesting but a lot of work essentially by myself, seeing the business side as opposed to just the artist side. The hardest part is splitting up your time between putting the business hat on, then the artist hat and also travelling. It’s difficult at times pulling triple duty but I do enjoy the business aspect of music.

I have only been doing self-releasing up to this point but have one artist that I’ll probably release this spring or summer. I was trying to figure out all the kinks at first like how you do accounting and where the money is going and being spent on. I wanted to get that down first before involving anyone else. I think now I have the first couple year things out of the way so I can work more on other artists.

SuperDre Follow the Fro EP

What do you think is your next focus as a DJ and producer?

I think this year is going to be a lot more about production. Last year I spent a lot of time on the road and I’m hoping to be at home a little more this year so I’ll finally be able to take care of some of the projects I’ve been sitting on that I haven’t had time to release.

Festival season usually starts late May and through the summer so hopefully I’m going to get some confirmations, I love doing those events. One of my favorites is the Movement Festival in Detroit, Summer Camp in Illinois is really fun, Electric Forest is up north in Michigan with all different genres and that is a great event too.

This is your first time spinning in SF?

Yes, I’ve been there but never played. I’m pretty excited to check out the venue, Public Works, I’ve heard such great things and some cool artists have played there. I’m excited to meet some people I talk to online and have never gotten to meet, I’ve also heard nothing but great things about the scene there and I know the weather is better than it is here right now. It’s like 20 degrees outside and there’s snow everywhere.

Thursday, January 26 SuperDre DJs in the main room at Public Works along with Worthy, Little John, Dax and others.